RBMA Chapters

All members are encouraged to participate in their local chapter if one has been established in the member's state or region. Chapters hold their own meetings in addition to National RBMA in an effort to reach out and connect radiology professionals in the same geographic vicinity. Chapter meetings focus on local radiology business concerns. Please use the tabs below to navigate for more chapter information, or the menu at the right for each Chapters individual websites.

Official Chapters & Contacts

Arkansas RBMA
Tony Carozza

Big River RBMA (IL/IA/WI)
Keith Chew

California RBMA 
Shannon Wilson

Colorado RBMA
Kim Kelley

Delta States RBMA  (AL/LA/MS)
Michelle Venable

Florida RBMA
Lisa Adams

Georgia RBMA
Marc LeBrun

Heartland RBMA  (KS/MO)
Carol Hamilton

Michiana RBMA
Theresa King 

Mid-Atlantic RBMA (DC/MD/VA)
Kara Connor

New England RBMA  (MA/ME/NH/VT)
Christie James, FRBMA

Northeast RBMA  (CT/NJ/NY/PA/DE)
Matthew Ostrum

Pete Moffatt

Oklahoma RBMA
Jo Giancotti

Oregon RBMA
Kris Harvey

Rocky Mountain RBMA (ID/MO/UT/WY)

Tennessee RBMA
Michael Langenberg, FRBMA

Texas RBMA
Susana Gonzalez

Washington State RBMA
Chris Coates

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