RBMA Certificate Programs

Begin your journey to mastery in radiology business management with our Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) Certificate programs. Each CBK Certificate Bundle is specifically crafted to deepen your expertise in essential aspects of the field. Upon completion of a bundle and its corresponding post-test, you'll earn a digital badge and certificate, symbolizing your proficiency and commitment to the radiology business management sector.

Radiology 101 Certificate Programs

Dive into the Radiology 101 Certificate Programs, your gateway to foundational knowledge in radiology business management. These bundles offer a comprehensive overview of each Common Body of Knowledge track, setting the stage for advanced learning and professional growth.

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2024 Certificate Programs

Explore the 2024 Certificate Bundles, a culmination of 2023's key learnings in each Common Body of Knowledge track. These bundles enhance the foundational 101 series by incorporating expansive, updated information, ensuring you stay ahead in the dynamic field of radiology business management.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that as you explore these offerings, you may encounter sessions that you have previously attended. We kindly remind you that in such cases, refunds cannot be provided.

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